New health protocol

1. All tour tickets must be purchased through our website.
2. Visitors must wear a mask all the time.
3. In order to enter the house, the guards have to check all visitor's temperatures. If someone's temperature exceeds 37.4 degrees Celsius, they will not be allowed to enter the house.
4. Upon entry, all visitors must apply hand sanitizer and/or enter directly into the restrooms to wash their hands.
5. In order to maintain the recommended physical distancing requirements, the maximum capacity for each tour will be 5 people.
6. It is strictly forbidden to touch any furniture or objects in the house (except if indicated by the tour guide.)
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Casa Popenoe is the first restored house following archaeological principles, what is known today as “Colonial-style” in Antigua Guatemala. Its influence is unimaginable and has enriched the city and its surroundings.

Plan Your Visit

To learn about the different and fascinating aspects of Casa Popenoe, we offer three unique guided tours: 


Easter (Holy Week), November 1st (Día de los muertos), between Christmas and New Year, and for private events.


Tour of the house. Available on Thursday in the morning from 10:30 a.m. to 11:45 a.m.
No minimum required. The maximum is 5 participants.


The Curator of Casa Popenoe, Martín Fernández-Ordóñez, gives a tour focused on artistic elements of the house, such as architectural details, works of art, and furniture.
No minimum required. The maximum is 5 participants. 
Available upon request. 

History of Casa Popenoe

The story of Casa Popenoe is intertwined with many other stories, all of which contribute to the history of this unique residence. For example, the story of the relocation of the capital city of Guatemala from Antigua to what is now Guatemala City; the impact that earthquakes have had on Guatemalan architecture; the role of foreigners in preserving colonial architecture as cultural heritage; and the vision of one man and his wife to undertake the titanic restoration of this property... The following timeline allows us to understand more how all these stories are interwoven in the history of Casa Popenoe and what were the most significant events. 

Timeline Wilson and Dorothy Popenoe


Casa Popenoe offers a wide range of cultural and academic activities, based on the artistic and scientific disciplines related to the house.

Monthly Conferences
Temporary Exhibitions

Archive and Research

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Interaction with the Public



Santiago de los Caballeros de Guatemala es el título del libro que escribió Dorothy H. Popenoe.
En la Casa Popenoe hay esculturas encantadoras de pijijes, en recuerdo de que Wilson y Dorothy Popenoe tenían cinco…

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