Around 1560 Jacomé de Piña builds a house on the land where Casa Popenoe stands today.

Around 1570 Diego de Jacomé, son of Jacomé de Piña, lives in the house.

Around 1615 Jacomé de Piña’s house no longer stands and the owner of the land is Isabel Xirón.

Around 1650 a priest named Juan de Torres builds a new house on the land.

Around 1661 Petronila de Bizuela y Espés lives in the house.

In 1667 Nicolás de Estrada buys the house of the late Petronila de Bizuela.

In 1676 Francisca and Teresa Estrada inherit the house from their brother Nicolás.

In 1723 the Estrada sisters have passed away and Bernabé de Sotomayor acquires the house.

In 1746 Manuela de Ayala buys the house from Bernabé de Sotomayor.

In 1762 Venancia López Marchán, a merchant, buys Manuela de Ayala’s house and remodels it into the house we see today.

In 1773 the house is damaged by the Santa Marta earthquake.

Around 1850 a Capuchin cypress is planted in the courtyard and the house becomes known as Casa del Capuchino.

In 1871 José María Ruiz buys the house from Agustín Arrechea.

In 1926 Ciriaco Peralta inherits the house from Gregoria Ruiz, daughter of José María Ruiz.

In 1930 Wilson and Dorothy Popenoe buy the house from Ciriaco Peralta.

Between 1930 and 2007 the house is occupied by the Popenoe family and in light of their restoration becomes known as Casa Popenoe.

In 2007 the Popenoe family donates the house to Universidad Francisco Marroquín.

Thanks to the enterprising spirit of Wilson and Dorothy, and the commitment of their descendants to honor that spirit, their legacy will be preserved for Guatemala and for the world of ideas.



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